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Wedding Decorations

Wedding Advisor

empowering your journey & erasing the uncertainties

Planning your dream wedding but drowning in questions?


Don't worry, Sorella is here to be your expert partner in this whirlwind of decisions and details. We understand that you're eager to plan your special day yourself, but sometimes you just need that expert touch without breaking the bank. We're here for you, offering affordable solutions and an expert eye on all the important details.

Similar to a reliable therapist, coach, or financial advisor; having a Wedding Advisor provides a breath of relief to your planning challenges. Dive into this brief video, and together, let's turn your dream wedding into reality!

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Expertise By Your Side

At Sorella, our team consists of certified wedding consultants, planners, and designers with years of experience orchestrating weddings of all sizes. We specialize in bringing visions to life and are here to share some invaluable tools of the trade during this exciting journey. 

Power Planning Session

Following the initial questionnaire, we dive into the specifics of your key priorities in our 90-minute power planning session. It's an opportunity to delve into the intricacies of your dream wedding, covering everything from your budget and colors to your venue, wedding party, and beyond. No topic is off limits. This dedicated time allows you to explore the details with your expert wedding advisor.

Wedding Planning Dashboard

We will give you access to a dashboard that will include a setup for your wedding, such as a budget tracker, timelines, checklists, design tools, and so much more.

Follow-up Planning Sessions

While you're immersed in the planning process, we'll check in to go over the details of your wedding and answer any questions in one or two virtual 30-minute meetings. Despite our limited calls, you can always reach out to us conveniently via email throughout your wedding planning journey.

Hello! I'm Bonnie

Embarking on wedding planning is undeniably the most exciting time of your life, filled with anticipation and dreams. However, it also involves a multitude of tasks and decisions.

We understand that having a wedding planner might not be everyone's preference, whether due to personal choice or budget considerations. Yet, there comes a moment in the wedding planning journey when a few crucial questions arise, and the desire for expert guidance becomes evident.


This is where my passion lies—to assist couples in navigating their wedding planning journey with ease and confidence. Let's turn your wedding dreams into a reality together!

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Are You Ready to Ease Your Stress?

If you've still have questions for us or want to see if we are a good fit, please email us anytime! We' d love the chance to chat further, no pressure, we promise.

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