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About Sorella

Hey there beautiful couple!


Our goal, in all that we do, is to bring you clarity, education, encouragement, and a peace of mind with your wedding.   

Elevate Your Wedding Experience with Sorella

At the core of Sorella, we cherish the harmonious interplay of planning, crunching numbers, and the artistry of design. Distinguishing ourselves from traditional wedding planning, we seamlessly fuse financial acumen with a passion for design, ensuring an enriched journey for you.

What Sets Us Apart
Our commitment goes beyond creating a splendid wedding day; we provide education, encouragement, and tranquil assurance throughout the planning process.

Empowering Your Journey
Beyond the awe-inspiring day, Sorella empowers you to relish each moment, offering the freedom to craft your wedding independently or collaborate effortlessly with our knowledgeable team.

Expert Guidance
With a wealth of experience and numerous publications, trust us to guide you through the intricacies of your design vision.

Your Dream, Our Expertise
Envision your wedding day with happy tears—we're here to make your dream day truly extraordinary! Discover more about our unique contributions.

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Meet Bonnie

Founder, Principal Designer, and Financial Wiz

Greetings from my little corner of the web!  Let me give you the lowdown on who I am and why I'm head over heels for what I do.

For starters, I'm really a small-town Coloradoan kind-of gal. Give me the scenic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, with its vibrant wildflowers and the soothing embrace of nature, and you've got one of my favorite spots. I'm that person who can spend hours reveling in the nuances of color—whether it's selecting the perfect paint shade, coordinating linens, or simply admiring a stunning flower arrangement.

As a certified event designer, my global journey has taken me across the globe, including a stint in the romantic city of Paris. Focused on art, nature, and the organic beauty, my design passion thrives in the subtle yet impactful details.

Did I mention that I'm not just a creative spirit?  I'm also your go-to number cruncher, boasting an extensive accounting background with a forward-looking approach. Handling numbers with finesse and ease is my forte. 

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My journey into the enchanting world of weddings and the grandeur that accompanies them began in my childhood. The spark ignited as I took on the role of a flower girl in my first wedding, setting me on a trajectory of planning surprise parties for friends that eventually evolved into full-fledged wedding coordination as an adult.

Having assisted numerous couples in their wedding preparations, I gradually discovered my niche in the wedding industry. My focus shifted towards aiding couples in mastering the essential fundamentals of design and wedding planning. As one door closed, Sorella swung open, recognizing that couples are a powerhouse of independence. I wholeheartedly embrace this, assisting you in crafting the wedding you envision.

In this wild world, my husband, family, and faith serve as my guiding lights. Of course, a bit of wine and chocolate doesn't hurt either! Each day, I strive to find gratitude in both the grand and the minute aspects of life. Simply put, I find immense joy in making people happy! I'm eagerly looking forward to learning more about you, your love story, and how I can contribute to making your dreams come true.


You deserve a
stunning wedding!

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