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Hey there beautiful bride-to-be!


The natural inspiration behind Sorella comes from an intrinsic desire to celebrate and congratulate love.  But that's only the beginning as you see that Sorella isn't your typical wedding planning company.  Our goal, in all that we do, is to bring you with education, encouragement, and a peace of mind with your wedding design.   

This day is meant to be awe-inspiring but it is also a day to reflect and grow upon your love.  Sorella empowers you to enjoy your journey of this beautiful time and embrace the moment.  Through Sorella, many brides have been able to either design their complete wedding on their own or they have been able to communicate with their planner or coordinator on their style, colors, and overall theme that they dream for.

With years of experience and a number of publications either by us or in contribution, you will have a trusted and knowledgeable team giving you guidance for your design.

How do you want to feel when you reflect back on your wedding?

           We love happy tears - Learn more about what we can do for you!

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About Sorella

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Meet Bonnie

Owner / Lead Designer

Thank you for visiting my small corner of the internet.  I won't bore you with my professional & lengthy resume (which I'm happy to provide when we connect), but I would rather share with you my quirks and provide a deeper insight into who I am and why I love what I do.

For starters, I'm really a small town Coloradoan kind-of gal.  One of my most loved hikes is in Telluride with all the wild flowers and nature around me. I have a keen eye on color distinguishing between various shades and undertones whether it is when I'm choosing a paint color, linens or admiring a beautiful flower arrangement.

As a certified event designer and have traveled around the world including living in Paris. You will see my inspiration from various cultures but I will also look to art, nature, the organic surroundings and the details when designing. 

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My love story with weddings and the opulence of it all started long ago as a child.  My first wedding experience was when I was a flower girl. This moment led me to a path of planning surprise parties for my young friends that later turned into full wedding planning as an adult.


After helping countless brides plan their wedding, I realized overtime that my niche in the wedding industry was more about helping couples with some of the most basic fundamentals of design and wedding planning.  That is when one door closed and Sorella opened. Recognizing that a bride-to-be is a powerhouse of independence; I embrace this to help you create your desired wedding. 

My husband, my family and my faith are my driving forces in this crazy world.  Okay, so is wine and chocolate! But I work each day to find gratitude in all things big or small and knowing that life is very precious.  To state it simply though, I love making people happy!  I can't wait to hear more about you, your love story and how I can be helpful to you.


You deserve a
stunning wedding!

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