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Realistic Wedding Day Budgets & Tools

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Everyone at one point in their life fantasizes over their dream wedding. We want it to be everything we've always intended. The flowers are gorgeous, the cake is a perfect three tiers of delight and your dress is to die for! After hours of searching the internet, you start coming to the realization that this isn’t going to be easy. And when the actual thought of money comes into the picture, it tends to discourage us, making us think some dreams are impossible. That is most certainly not the case! Budgeting and using tools available on the internet will provide you with the wedding you have always wanted. Before you can start working on your style and theme, let’s start here on a few tips for you to consider when budgeting your wedding.

Create a List

Couples need to start working on the details of what they are hoping to incorporate in their big day. Creating a list of wants and needs is where to start. Visually seeing what you have in mind and the prices of everything will allow you to see what you have or can change to lower the cost to make it fit your budget. Prioritizing the most important things and deciding what you are willing to give up is a great start. Consider the importance of flowers. Do you always think of your wedding day with beautiful bouquets all around? If the answer is yes, then bump flowers to the top of the list. How about cake? Are you expecting to have the perfect three, maybe four, tier wedding cake? If the answer is no, then send it to the bottom of the list.

Narrow the Guest List

No matter where the venue is, the more people you have, the more money you pay. This holds true for catering too and liquor budget. Going through the guest list to see who you must invite versus who don't need to be asked will decrease that cost to get you closer to the budget. It is okay to not invite everyone you know.

Be selective and kindly advise those that are not invited that you opted for a smaller affair. Most would understand especially now that we all have lived through a pandemic.

Different Location Options

Rather than a wedding venue on the beach overcharging prices, why not try and look for a different location? Have you considered your backyard? Or maybe a friend or family has property that you can transform for a beautiful wedding day setting. Keep your mind opened and research! The internet will be your best friend through this entire wedding planning journey, and by a simple venue change, you could potentially save thousands of dollars. The rumors are also true when you pick your date! Consider a weekday wedding and in a low wedding season month such as April. The highly sought-after seasons and days of the week such as Saturday’s can add about 20%-50% of the cost. Also consider a brunch or afternoon reception as most guests don’t drink as much as they would at an evening wedding with dancing. But if you love dancing and want a party reception, definitely add this to the top of your list. Maybe that’s where flowers get moved down the list!

Do It Yourself

Even if you are not a crafty person or you don’t have a clue how to work a hammer – it is now time to consider learning. Remember that you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to use the Internet. There are so many videos and blog posts on how to create your beautiful décor on a low-cost budget.

When creating centerpieces, yourself or the wedding arch, you could save at least, if not more, half the cost. If there is something that you can’t even imagine how to do, consider looking at alternatives such as Etsy. Etsy includes many great sellers that create DIY products that your guests will never know the difference. You may opt in for doing some DIY yourself and purchasing others – just make sure you reflect it in your budget.

Here are some of our favorite Etsy shops that have unique DIY projects at affordable rates:

Low-Cost Invitations

Everyone loves the idea of beautiful invitations, but realistically this is an area you could consider saving on your budget. There are tools now where you can create your own invitations without the heavy expense. Here we offer this alternative! Learn more about how you can save on creating your own designs here.

Blowing Your Budget

Let's set the expectation up front! You will lose track on all the things at least two weeks before your big day as you are in a scramble mode trying to finish all your DIY projects, get your fittings in and manage your mental state. This is okay! But you also need to enlist your bridesmaids for help.

Here’s an idea… do you have a friend that works in accounting or bookkeeping? Give them all your receipts and ask them to manage your budget and stay on track. A little wedding day present for you! And they probably would love to do it too!

Planning a wedding is not an overnight venture and it takes patience, time and constant evaluation. It is quickly easy to underestimate your budget but when you set expectations upfront, you will set yourself up for success and less stress. We have created a Wedding Day Budget Priority Tool for you to use with Canva. This tool is to help you prioritize your wants and needs for your big day. SIGN-UP HERE and get it delivered to you today!

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