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Love & Grace in Old World Elegance

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Creating a timeless, elegant event with a touch of fairy tale glamour is the epicenter of this beautiful the Old World Elegance theme to celebrate your love.

Embrace your new life chapter with an honored touch that allures an event of classic, upscale, and tasteful elements. While there are many different ways an old-world type of theme can be done, we look at the inspiration of a wedding set in a French chateau, Italian vineyard, the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina or the Glasson Lakehouse located in the beautiful Ireland coastline to set the stage.

Romance is in the allure of romantic red & pink tones! Imagine telling your friends and family that your colors are cranberry and stone castle.

The romanticism of the cranberry red will draw eyes in without the boldness of pure red. Cranberry is a warm hue and is matched well with the cooler tone of Stone Castle which is a blueish-gray. Along with these as your foundation colors, you will find a softer touch with light blush colors and a small hint of lilac that gives you that charm for your day.

Let’s not forget the beauty of White Gold that will be your staple metallic for your table décor as well as the jewelry that your bridesmaids will wear. White Gold is a beautiful warm metal that has a silver look with the warm gold undertone. When you can’t decide if you want gold or silver or platinum or rose gold, then white gold is your best bet as it goes with just about anything. White Gold is also a bit unique and is making it’s comeback similar to Rose Gold.

Elegant Font Styles

The collection of fonts is in your design sets the stage between elegant or bold. In this theme, the font is a script signature style that is very traditional but with a classy edge. We paired this font with an easy-to-read serif style but still includes the romantic touches that compliment well with the script font. This is by far one of our favorite pairings of fonts because of its timeless look.

Save the Date

Your theme begins with the Save the Date to let your guests know months in advance and to start planning their travels. At Sorella, we created a beautiful invitation set including Save the Dates for you to use and customize. Although there are many other elegant choices you can use for your wedding invitations, such as this suite from Minted.

Beautiful Invitations

Along with the Save the Date is the invitation suite that includes the invitation with the enclosure cards of the travel, reception and response. The invitations include a hand drawn blooming rose created with the White Gold metallic and the foundation color of the cranberry. These invitations provide a softer feel but you can be bolder by changing the rose to the cranberry which will make your invitations pop!

Another option that compliments this theme well are these invitations in a deeper burgundy where you could easily use in place of the cranberry red.

The Dress

Imagine walking down an aisle in your beautiful A-line wedding gown with feminine lace details and scalloped off-the-shoulder bodice such as this gown by Jewel. Or if lace isn’t your taste, we also recommend this stunning and affordable gown, beaded belt and these gorgeous splurge worthy Manolo Blahnik's!

Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids may thank you for selecting dresses that are not only affordable but also versatile! We hand-selected these lovely infinity dresses that can be wrapped in a number of styles to fit your look! Or if you are looking for a strapless chiffon dress shown featured on the theme vision board, you may want to look at these dresses that flow naturally for a stunning yet regal affair.

The Reception

During cocktail hour, your guests will enjoy signature cocktails handpicked by the lovely couple before they enter into your grand reception. Guests will be greeted with gorgeous tables decorated with deep red runners, luscious bouquets, and silver candlestick holders, such as these we found on Etsy. To offset the boldness of the red, a classic choice would be a white China place setting that includes a menu created in our theme with four-courses including the Parisian Macaroons and a delicious wedding cake.

At the end of the day, as you drive away in a beautiful Rolls Royce or vintage car, you will look back and be inspired by all the hard work you put into your wedding and enjoy the elegance of the day.

The Design

Can you imagine your beautiful day in this stunning elegance? Create your dream by starting here. You will have plug and play templates using Canva to create your wedding theme board, invitations and other important stationary. Add your names in the font and see how it looks! Change the font, colors and other elements as you wish. Most importantly is you are creating a vision for your wedding. We offer the tools for you and can help you create your day.

Looking for more inspiration? Take a peek at the Pinterest board we created for this Old World Elegance theme.

For more wedding day tips, designs and information check out our services for one-on-one guidance. Join our Facebook group where you can continue to get support for your wedding. Don’t forget to follow us @sorellaeventdesigns!


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