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This product is also included in our bundle sets. Save $$ by getting so much more in a bundle.


A winter wonderland of beauty is curated in this bundle that includes all the Canva Templates to get you started on your elegant wedding. See the details below on what is included in the complete bundle package. 

Victorian Wonderland

  • Templates are all created in Canva and can be easily personalized once you make a purchase.

    The template includes:

    • Three Illustrated design for your names (main, alternate, and a monogram)
      • Think of this as your logo.  Your names are highlighted as the overall theme to your wedding.
    • Set of six colors plus two textured colors like metallics or wood.
    • Color Guide
      • Details out how to use your colors such as your 3 primary and how to use accents.
    • Typography
      • Two fonts that are cohesive together in your overall theme.
    • Elements & Patterns
      • These can be used in other designs you decide to create.  Or you can transfer these to use in your social media pages or other online tools when showcasing all of your wedding details to your friends and family.
    • Vision Board
      • Each template comes with a vision board where you can add in your own photos to create the wedding that you are inspiring to.
      • Vision boards are an excellent tool for giving yourself a roadmap as well as showing your vision to vendors so that have a true sense of your vision.
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