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What is your Bridal Signature Color?

Results are in and your color is.....

Beautiful Blue + Green

Friendly, Calm, Organized & Practical


You are a mix of blue and green tones that offers a large range of different hues and when mixing the two together, you can use undertones of the blues or the greens in each other.


Think of colors like Baltic Blue, Teal, or Turquoise as your signature colors.

Why is this your color?

Your perfect wedding is carefully planned. You love making lists, creating and sticking to a budget, and narrowing down your perfect playlist.


Because you absolutely love to plan, you may taste 20 different kinds of cake until you decide on that perfect morsel. Or try on 30 shades of lipstick 'til you discover your gorgeous hue. Which is cool, because the planning process gives you joy!


You're like the Marie Kondo of brides...putting together all the details is an act of love.


Your natural intelligence and care for others means that you will have thought of everything you need to make the day a success. All of this care pays off, because to you...quality is everything.


Wedding styles that are classic, clean, down to earth, and elegant put you at ease.

How to feel confident and serene on your big day…

Although you really enjoy the planning process, try to let go of the tendency to want everything to be perfect. Remember to enjoy, relax, and savor this moment. Learn as much as you can about designing and coordinating because you know those skills will be useful to you in other facets of your life.

For your big day, don't forget to let your quirky side express itself, so that you feel like every part of you is being expressed through this masterpiece that you have so carefully planned.

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